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wxpython programming


-Prolog Programming Examples
Any Prolog compiler should work for these codes.
last(), nextToLast(), revLastTwo(), lastTwoRev()

-Math Compiler
-Math Interpreter
-Stack Class
-Data File

-Knights tour main Driver Program
-Direction of Knights tour
-Board of Knights tour

You can run: javac
To run this: java Compiler < data | java Interpreter

the following *.py used to display on this hosting webserver but it has not been able to show the past few years. I had converted them to text files. If you need to use them for home/office/work, rename it to There are some programs which may require a secondary file for input.

-Freeman FTP (Python)
-Compression Utility (Python)
-Python Object Oriented programming Demo using Animals
-Binary To Decimal Converter
-Decimal To binary Converter
-Prints out each biological words
-data file
-Generate a password from random character from a list
-Generate password as well
-Generate a html file from using my foto python rename script
-Renaming a list of foto files from a directory
-Generate Random Number w/Threading in mind
-Randomized Restaurant Selection program
-Restaurant Listings
-Generate multiple mysqladmin sql statements to create databases
-Generate multiple GRANT statements
-Generate multiple DROP statements
-Python script to Clean Database files and can be used in cron tab
-Script to generate password pulling data from
-Script to generate password pulling data from
-Change the number of dollar into coins
-Automatically generate small files in linux
-Python code to monitor websites
-Python code to monitor websites reading from file
-Websites Support file
-Urban Dictionary word parser
-Dataverse Access Log parser on Annon users
-Process SAM-QFS log file
example: python sam-log.0
-Comparing content of files especialy chksum files
example: python /var/tmp/files
-Second version of checking MD5sum files in a directory

-Copy and MD5sum generation bash script v0.0.2
-Copy and MD5sum generation bash script v0.0.4
-Check Disk Storage size then send email
-Image and process html file
-image download and process html file
-Print out of the AVL math recursive equation
-Print out the number of Minimal number of AVl Tree Nodes
-Printing out Christmas in TechnoColor
-Der word german language
-Ein Word german language
-Non-preceeded german language
-list entire adjective ending plus its type on german language

This is some code on how to process DVN logs to get a bit more of an accurate count of things

This is some code on how to process DVN logs to get a bit more of an accurate count of things
-Process Dataverse Log file on reverse looking up IP address

C Code for a linux shell, idea from Stephen Brennen
-Project for a C shell

These two files are not meant for production used of any kind, purely educational purposes like all of the scripts posted in this project section.
revised Db file version 3
-Hospital 3 Db
Medical Data from CMS in SQL form:
-Medical Data from in SQL form
ICD 9 Parser to parse Health Codes
-ICD 9 Python Parser
-ICD 9 Python Parser version 0.0.2
-ICD 10 Python Parser version 0.0.1
-ICD 10 Python Parser version 0.0.2
-Simulation: By Approximation
-Simulation: By something: data analysis
-Simulation: data result
-Calculate mortgage amount each month
-Same as above but prompt you for info
-More Robust Mortgage forcase tool in python v0.0.3
-Same as above but i think it works now sort of v0.0.4
-Finally fixed everything version mortgage processing v0.0.5
-same as above but better v0.0.6
-same as above but added terms can be a math thing
-Random sampling
-Pulling LDAP info
-CheckSUm using python
-medicaldata parsing using python
-PLayGame -- Guessing game

Simulation stuff
-Normal to Chi-Square
-Exponential to LaPlace
-Normal to Cauchy
-Uniform to Triangular
-statistic 1
-statistic 2
-Statistic 3
-statistic 4
-statistic 5
-statistic 6

Php stuff
-Compiling PHP from source

The following are java codes.
-Main Driver to Sort out Envelope and Letter Costs
-USPS Envelope Costs
-USPS Letter Costs
-Process MorseCode
-MorseCode Classto process MOrseCode
-MorseCode v0.0.2 with extended symbols
-Driver Class to process Cartesian and Polar stuff
-Cartesian Class to process polar values to Cartesian
-Polar Class to process Cartesian values to polar
-Main class to polymorph different things
-Automobile Class with objects
-Engine Class with objects
-Ford Class to hold a Ford Objects
-Toyota Class to hold Toyota Objects
-Transmission class for each car to have a transmission
-Main Driver to process EMA12 EMA26 and MACD values
-EMA 12
-EMA 26
-Read Google Finance csv file
-Compute Monthly Mortgage Interest
-Main Driver for the following file
-Take in Values from data file and process
-Project 2 main driver
-Polymorphism and inheritance
-Polymorphism and inheritance
-Polymorphism and inheritance
-Polymorphism and inheritance
-Linked list
-Driver for the last two files
-Try to run this code
-Cheeseburger Node class
-UUID class