Basic Information

With each new language we acquire, the first thing we must learn about a language are the rules of a language, so therefore We must explore a few basic concepts. We have found a good way to explain german, it may not be the best, but it will do. The optimal way of learning a language is to have a linguist sitting next to you and explain the entire language. Pretty much a personal Teacher. We will be explaining german language in categories, one idea follows the next idea. With this said, We will seperate a Category from other Categories as much as we can to prevent confusion.

Ein Words
Der Words
Types of Nouns

Feminine nouns will most likely remained the same through all cases as along as they are singular:

nom:die Schreibmachine
acc:die Schreibmachine
dat:der Schreibmachine
gen:der Schreibmachine

Other than the changing of the definate article, as you can see the word 'Schreibmachine' remained the same across all cases.

Types of Verbs

German Cases

Nominative Case
Accusative Case
Dative Case
Genitive Case

Will Continue Shortly...