woot woot, Android released version 2 of Android Development TookKit. Stuff that we recently learned and became aware of or familiar with in opensource application domain. just a quick note, bare in mind that the JMX console might be vulnerable which may require patching from time to time. Also, it might not be wise to install some of these EAP onto window servers due to security issues in OS and in EAP applications. Install them onto a linux platform will ease the pain with security issues. Configure IPtables or firewalld to block unwelcome visitors, robots or unwanted guests. once installed, use this python tool to scan and check Jboss scan vulnability tool for security issues and then patch your JBoss EAP container for JMX or other issues.
Patch, scan, patch, scan, like a Boss !

For example: An linux admin can simply create a linux user account and grant permissions to this account to strictly run this EAP service for any applications one desires to load and run on the below applications. One can even jail this account just in case a password has been cracked. Also, isolate the data partition onto a seperate disk with backup on a seperate storage or complete location. maybe a third copy somewhere else as well.

Android Development
kubuntu 16.10 LTS
xubuntu 16.10 LTS
WildFly ERP Java war file container
Glassfish ERP Java war file container
Apache Tomcat ERP Java war file container
Apache TomEE ERP Java war file container
IBM ERP Java war file container
JBOSS ERP Java war file container